Capitol Consulting, LLC is a Healthcare Business Intelligence Consulting firm with offices in Chicago and Lake Forest, Illinois. Our approach to healthcare consulting results from years of Management Consulting and Hospital Senior Management experience. The combination of this experience has provided a “needs assessment” for the healthcare industry: A belief that hospital operations need to improve by utilizing the existing strengths within the organization combined with management development, timely management information, and management expectations.

What You Get From Us

Since 1997, Capitol Consulting, LLC’s approach and results have been very straightforward. We create an environment of fiscal accountability and continuous improvement. Instead of making recommendations and projecting improvement opportunities, we work closely with the frontline manager to implement productivity targets and change. Through our Boot Camp for Managers, managers are exposed to various proactive management techniques and workflow analysis to apply to their various departments. In other words, we train your managers to become internal consultants and business partners with the ability to constantly adjust to the ever-changing market conditions. We do this by combining the existing frontline expertise with our management systems and management development.

The result is a fine-tuned management team constantly working toward the goals of the institution. Imagine if every manager were well informed and financially savvy and possessed the ability to make staffing changes based on fact with daily knowledge of their efforts.

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