The mission of Capitol Consulting, LLC is to assist healthcare institutions with fiscal responsibility and cost reduction through a proactive management approach centered on management development, timely productivity reporting and enhanced stewardship of resources.

The approach of Capitol Consulting, LLC is eminently straightforward. We work with organizations to enhance profitability and reduce cost by creating an environment of fiscal accountability through the use of strong expectations, management training, timely information, and proactive change.

Healthcare institutions around the country strive for change by setting expectations and holding management accountable to meet the expected results. This is extremely important. However, this is similar to taking a journey with a starting point and a destination, without a map or driving instructions. The manager needs more training, information, and accountability to achieve the desired expectations. We provide the missing components: the map and the driving instructions.

Guiding Principles

Our management approach involves these six guiding principles:

  • Set clear management expectations
  • Communicate with the individuals responsible for meeting the expectations
  • Train the front-line manager for dynamic management
  • Provide the front-line manager with the ability to proactively manage to the established expectations
  • Provide bi-weekly and monthly performance feedback to assess progress
  • Foster accountability and long-term performance improvement

Capitol Consulting, LLC offers a wide array of various products and services ranging from data analytics to turnarounds and management development.
Services include:

  • Operations and Financial Turnarounds
  • Performance Improvement / Labor Expense Reduction
  • Boot Camp for Managers (Management Development)
  • Bi-Weekly Productivity Reporting (BWPR)
  • Daily Productivity Tools (The Productivity Checkbook)
  • Nursing Staffing Grids
  • Budget Preparation (The Budgeter)
  • Customized Benchmarking / Best Practice Standards
  • Executive Staffing
  • Benefits Consulting (Benefit, inc)
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